Pieter van Exter


Pieter van Exter is 29 jaar oud en Consultant & Industries Team Lead


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Pieter is experienced in working in interdisciplinary teams, and integrating the broad spectrum of disciplines involved in addressing complex challenges. He believes we can look for and implement systemic changes that support human wellbeing while staying within the boundaries of our planet.


Experienced with a wide range of tools to solve complex environmental problems, Pieter’s core specialties include material flow analysis, energy systems, and life cycle assessments. In order to transition businesses to a fundamentally sustainable state, he works to first understand the current state and its underlying drivers. Ket projects are Metal Demand for Electric Vehicles, Circular Procurement of IT for Rijkswaterstaat and supporting various ministries with their transition to a circular economy.

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Pieter leads Metabolic’s circular industries team, supporting companies in their transition to a sustainable state by undertaking analysis and developing strategies based on advanced systems thinking.

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Young professional