Maartje Janse


Maartje Janse is 27 jaar oud en Cultural Fashion Economist & Specialist


Design technologie en innovatie


I have been taking part in several sustainable initiatives over the past years.
1. Graduate student intern at MVO (Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen, CSR) Nederland, Textiles Network. Attending meetings such as the ‘Clothes the Circle’ consortium meetings and assisting with Dutch Circular Textile Valley project.
2. Combined with master thesis research: Transition to circular economy in the Textiles and Fashion industry in The Netherlands.
3. Project Raindance: The development of a circular service business model for festival organisator ID&T.
4. Started with the participation of the Circular Fashion Games, a 7 day program with workshops and seminars e.g. design thinking methods & developing a circular fashion challenge (Raindance).

Challenge: develop a sustainable solution for the plastic poncho problem (Mysteryland hands out 150.000 plastic ponchos in 3 days).

Our solution: a circular service business model with sustainable produced quality ponchos.
- The Raindance business case was used in the course Cultural Entrepreneurship for the Opportunity Assessment Plan & Pitch and the elective course Applied Cultural Entrepreneurship to develop the pilot stage of the business case. Use of SDGs.
- Report & pitch presentation

feb 2017-aug 2018
Cofounder of MEN, a design studio of 3 female designers. Use of stock materials, zero waste patterns, bacteria dyeing, laser-cutting and other experiments in sustainable and innovative ways. Tasks: project, process and stakeholder management, fundraising (10K budget), show production (Amsterdam Fashion Week), fashion design, concept, administrative, accounting, PR & marketing tasks.

Participation in the Textile Academy of Waag Society (2016/2017)
The Textile Academy is a program for fashion, textile and material designers, researchers, artists, engineers and creatives. Together we will experiment with craftsmanship, heritage, technology, digital fabrication and biology, share knowledge and push traditional boundaries of the textile and clothing industry.

Workshop in sustainable textiles & materials in the fashion industry, 11&13/06 (2019)
Workshop at Erasmus Sustainability Hub, Erasmus University, "Reshape fashion, a conversation" 02-05-2019.
Workshop Winterlab, theme: “Reshape textiles and fashion, a conversation” at ArtEZ Zwolle, Jan 21 - Feb 1st


Project Raindance:
- Investors meeting March 2020, secured investment for pilot phase
- Winnaar van de 'most feasible circular business service renting model' prijs.
- Winner 'best pitch' in course Cultural Entrepreneurship.

- Kingsday X Frank Govers project: Making an outfit out of Kingsday trash inspired by late couturier Frank Govers (outfit) initiated by M-ode & City of Amsterdam.
- Winner of the Robijn fashion award for outfit Kingsday X Frank Govers project
- Selected for the Fashion Makes Sense Award with outfit made out of stock materials
- Appie Today project (Albert Heijn): making zero waste bomber jacket out of AH waste uniforms.
- Showing fully sustainable fashion collection at Amsterdam Fashion Week 2017.
- Future Generations Exhibition: showing top dyed with bacteria
Exhibition Textile Academy @ Waag Society, Amsterdam, 27th - 29th of January 2017.

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I am a cultural fashion economist & specialist, who is specialised in:
- Sustainability / CSR
- Circularity
- Innovation processes
- Fashion (design), textile & material knowledge

I am a multidisciplinary, proactive, critical, creative & analytical team player who is able to think outside of the box and combine practical and theoretical knowledge. I like to create order in complex systems.

I am able to facilitate workshops, manage projects & processes, advice, write applications & reports, do (different types of) qualitative research and work independently and fast in hectic environments.

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