Julia Streuli


Julia Streuli is 31 jaar oud en Cofounder / CEO


Voedsel en landbouw


Een activiteit kan bijvoorbeeld een startup, project of een beweging zijn. Als het maar duurzame impact heeft gehad.FUL Foods is a Netherlands-based startup on a mission to produce food and beverage products that actively benefit our earth by reducing carbon emissions, freeing up arable land and utilizing fewer resources – all while offering our consumers superior health benefits (plant-based protein and key micronutrients), convenience and satisfaction (taste, texture, smell). We have developed a trademarked planet positive protein-rich ingredient – FUL® – through a proprietary biorefinery of microalgae that addresses key issues around taste, solubility, stability and bio assimilation. Our flagship product (out of a larger portfolio of delicious, nutritious products featuring FUL®) is a refreshing functional climate-active beverage: FUL REVIVE.


Since we incorporated the company in early 2020, we have achieved the following:
1. Developed significant IP including filing a patent on our FUL® ingredient and process at our lab at Planet B.io (Delft)
2. Industrialized the process to produce the ingredient and beverage not just in a specialized pharma facility, but in any standard brewery
3. Launching our first product, FUL® REVIVE – a refreshing functional beverage in spring 2021
4. Raised 500K EURO in investment including from a top SHIFT Invest (TTT funds), awarded the AIL Loan from Rabobank
5. Finalist in the Rabobank Sustainable Innovation Awards and member of StartLife

Actief bij

FUL Foods B.V.

Rol binnen initiatief

Developed the idea for FUL Foods with cofounders and friends, Sara Guaglio and Cristina Prat while at business school (INSEAD) and went on to win the venture competition in late 2019 for the business plan. Moved the Netherlands in early 2020 to be part of the Food Valley ecosystem and bring on food science expertise in early 2020. As part of a team effort, executed the vision for FUL to bring the purpose driven brand and first product to life.

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