Flora Anvarifar


Flora Anvarifar is 38 jaar oud en I am the initiator of the movement at TU Delft


Voedsel en landbouw


I am very much interested in the concept of circular economy. To test the application of the concept, I have started an initiative at TU Delft focused on food waste reduction and energy saving as of January 2016. It is a very young movement which requires some time to make any impact.


Right now, I am now collecting information about the best practices in the management of the restaurant's leftovers. I am working on developing a win-win solution that benefits the restaurant owners and makes them interested in helping the movement. My short term goal is to gain experience within TU Delft and my long-term goal is to move towards a waste-free society. In the meanwhile, I would also look for the opportunities for how to expand the concept beyond the Dutch society.
I would like to suggest to DH100 to create a network of the people who register themselves here. I am personally very interested to hear of other people's experiences in waste management though I don't know many of them.

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PhD candidate at TU Delft

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At the moment, I am the leading person who is also responsible for contacting other relevant people. There are a few other PhDs who support me, but it is not an established movement yet. I have only applied with the hope of networking and finding other people who might be interested in the issue of food waste reduction.

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