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Felipe Villela is 27 jaar oud en CEO & Co-Founder


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Felipe is a Brazilian social-environmental entrepreneur based in Amsterdam. His family has 60+ years experience in large-scale organic citrus farming, so he has always been involved in nature-inclusive agriculture. After visiting Amazon Rainforest and seeing how much deforestation is taking place for commodity-use for industries and how that impacts communities living there he decided to dedicate his entire life to change the way we produce our commodities worldwide. Together with his business partner, Marco de Boer, they founded reNature. A Dutch Foundation & Company that aims at regenerating 1 million hectares of land worldwide by 2030 through Agroforestry while ensuring food security for 10M farmers & local communities. reNature develops model farms & model schools to corporate companies and organizations seeking transition towards regenerative agriculture. Their goal is to make sure the growing world population will have access to quality and sustainable food while regenerating land.


Felipe's role is to inspire businesses & industries worldwide to make an agricultural transition using successful regenerative case studies that ensures economical viability. He have been pitching at the International Conference on Sustainable Development at Columbia University in NYC, TEDxAmsterdam, Rabobank, PNB Paribas, Museum of Tomorrow, ChangeNOW Summit, UN Environment, UN Youth Forum, World Investment Forum, Mercedes Benz, Global Landscape Forum & COP24.

reNature is now dedicated on mapping major commodities causing deforestation globally so that they can develop several portfolios for economically viable regenerative commodity production. Commodities like cocoa, coffee, cotton, palm oil, soybean, cattle, rubber & timber are their top priority. reNature's ambition is to create a multi-sector regenerative agroforestry design where it can combine, for example, cocoa plants that goes to the food industry shaded by the palm oil that goes to the aromatics industry. Cocoa must have shade and palm oil likes cocoa next to it, so both need each other for climate resilience & higher yields over time. The same applies for other commodities.

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I am passionate about spreading the knowledge and efficiency of regenerative agroforestry within businesses, in order to foster a new nature-inclusive economical models. My interest on becoming DJ100 is because I am a Brazilian young entrepreneur who lives in Netherlands for 5 years working very hard in the space of socio-environmental impact within agricultural space. I really hope to contribute with my knowledge and skills about sustainable agriculture to pass it to the others DJ100 and learn as much as possible from them.

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