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De Stadsgroenteboer is a community supported agriculture, that we took over about 3 years ago, here we grow more than 60 diff type of vegetables and 15 diff types of herbs for the citizens of Amsterdam, we grow using organic and regenerative techniques , we are very conscious about keeping our soil fertile and healthy. We use compost, green manures and other methods inspired by nature to not only maintain, but actually improve the quality of our piece of land. We produce food for people, directly, honestly and with a positive impact on our surroundings.

Roots Rice and Beans, started during the first Corona lock-down in spring 2020. When I saw that our farmer colleagues that focussed on selling to restaurants all of a sudden found it challenging to sell their produce, I decided to take action. In order to support these local farmers and prevent food waste I started to buy their surplus and turned them into delicious, plant based and organic preserves.

That is how everything started; transforming a problem into a solution. I want to embrace the community to learn more about sustainable farming, regenerative agriculture, seasonality and local food choices with the aim to create a regenerative society. I believe that having knowledge on composting, harvesting, and where your food is coming from, we can create a bigger impact now.
Circularity is very important for us, after our production we bring our waste and the waste of 20 other companies back to the farm to compost it.


At De Stadsgroenteboer we produce fresh food for about 150 families per week for 30 weeks a year

At Roots Rice and Beans we have save more than 4 tons of vegetables that instead of being thrown away we have added value and give them a second chance, now they are in the shelves of 25 different shops in Amsterdam.

We worked closely with farmers that can not sell produce due to appearance.

We are teaching to the community that by using ingredients that are in our surroundings we create delicious products to inspire and encourage others to cook and create awareness of our food choices., this helps us to create a space to reconnect with nature, sharing knowledge and understanding where our food is coming from.

We have save so far 7 tons of organic waste that instead of being dump or burnt, I have brought it back to the system to be composted and be use in our soil for the next season. Working together with 20 other companies we are reducing our CO2 emissions and showing that working together we improve our system.

Showing to people that you can eat global recipes with local ingredients!

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