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Akshit Gupta is 25 jaar oud en Founder


Design technologie en innovatie


I am the founder of Respire, a startup to make the air pollution around you more transparent. An average human breaths more than 10 times per minute. At respire, we analyse the particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and other volatile organic compounds present in the air around you. This information is a readout of the quality of the air and our well being as a community. We map this data, empowering communities, municipalities and cities to tackle air pollution proactively. More about this can be found at www.letsrespire.com
At TU Delft, I was also involved in research to tackle COVID-19 using embedded sensors. I was involved in prototyping and implementation of privacy preserving detection of social distancing and indoor human localisation using millimetre Wave radar sensors (60GHz). This is an ongoing research to open the TU Delft campus in a responsible and sensible manner.
Further in the summer of 2020, I was involved in the development of a social conversational agent to simulate behaviour change among students in response to the coronavirus crisis as well gauge their mental health well being.


I am proud to say that Respire was chosen to represent TU Delft at the national level Dutch 4TU challenge amongst 80 other teams. Respire was also declared grand-prize winner of ReadyToStartup organised by YES!Delft and got initial funding from TU Delft Global Initiative.
With my prior experiences in air pollution monitoring and Respire, I was chosen to pursue a master's thesis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Senseable City Lab where I am working on the CityScanner project which is deployed in Boston.
On a side note, I am always active in participating in hackathons and technical competitions and have won 4 of these in the past year.

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I have always striven to make an impact in the world leveraging my technological skills and with Respire, I have found a way to do the same. I am the founder and CEO of Respire. Being an early stage startup, I am also the main person involved with the technological development of the product.
I was initially awarded funding from TU Delft to research and develop novel air quality monitoring solution and after getting more people on the board, winning more competitions, developing roadmaps, this all coalesced into Respire as it is right now (https://www.letsrespire.com).

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