Eugene .C. Xavier Ikejemba


Eugene .C. Xavier Ikejemba is 25 jaar oud en Founder and Director


Duurzame energie en energiebesparing


My Initiative/Organization was started due to the issues faced by regular Africans within the continent. The organization was started to tackle the aspect of "actual" sustainable development. My organization is called ICE-Africa (also trading as African Energy & Consulting BV). We are an organization that is focused on:
- Solar energy, wind energy and the implementation of micro-grid systems
- Waste Management
- Food Security
- Rural Development
- Social Entrepreneurship

The idea is to tap into the vast opportunities in Africa whilst creating jobs for the locals, generating clean energy, designing a clean and healthy environment, training the local in Africa on the benefit of social entrepreneurship and to finally develop the people to be able to fend for themselves through a public private partnership.

The AE&C team has extensive experience in research and consultancy, and is proud of having a broad network of companies and government institutions in European and African countries alike. What distinguishes AE&C is the fact that this team has more knowledge and expertise of the African market than many other consultancy firms.

I am also the founder of an organization called the African Sustainability & Development Group. This group consists of organization working together to be at the forefront of Sustainable Development in Africa.


Our goal as an organization is clearly simple and some of our goals amongst many are:

- To be at the forefront of "actual" sustainable development projects in Africa for Africans.
- To create multiple jobs in impoverished areas of Africa through projects and training of individuals.
- To provide renewable and clean energy to 5 million people within 5 years.
- To develop a sustainable waste management system in Africa that lasts forever. Our goal is to achieve this by utilizing local individuals and training them to become social entrepreneurs within our business model but yet fending for themselves and their families.

Some of our current achievements are:
- We have been able to connect and generate power to over a thousand homes in Africa
- We are currently designing and implementing systems to cover approximately 1 million people in Nigeria and to also villages in Ghana not connected to the grid.
- With our waste management design, we have been able to develop solutions for Agbobloshie in Ghana considered the dirtiest place on the planet. With our solution jobs are created and a healthier lifestyle is promoted.
- Multiple projects with NGOs in Africa are in process

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African Energy & Consulting BV / ICE-Africa and African Sustainability & Development Group

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I initiated all projects within the organization and partnerships. I also oversee all implementation to make sure it meets the needs of the African people sustainably.

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