Andriy Shmyhelskyy


Andriy Shmyhelskyy is 27 jaar oud en CEO & Founder


Sociale innovatie


Hyko is on the mission to create the future where kids and adults are more conscious about their actions, energy consumption and protective to nature. Hyko intuitive playful tech brings the whole family together in an effortless activity of energy saving. Hyko is an attempt at trying to make something which today, unfortunately, is quite intangible, tangible. Hyko has created a technology – Hyko, where smart metering meets gamification to teach families how to save energy and help reduce household energy bills in a fun way. Hyko closely works and cooperate with grid operators, energy utilities, housing corporations and corporates in order to speed up energy transition and create energy conscious new generations. In addition, together with a number of partners we developing an innovative school program for dutch pupils to learn about energy saving.


Our goal is to create an awareness, providence tools and create proactive behavior towards the sustainable world. Our promise is to help parents teach kids about energy. withhyko'sAdventures storybook, iPad app parents already have a way to introduce the topic of energy and climate change to the kids where kids Become active helpers or Hyko on the mission to save the North pole.
We are almost ready for Hyko delivery to early adopters and preparing for the Christmas roll-outs during this year. In addition free School program wills start in 2016 and will be run for 4 years.

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CareToSave BV of Hyko

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Started, managed product design, art direction, technology overview, marketing, business development, sales.

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